The Metamorphosis Ceremony is a Two-Part Interactive workshop experience of inner alchemy.  Originally created as an on-playa gift, Part One is offered through Kindling on November 29, 2020 from 2pm-4pm PST. It is designed to connect you with your personal journey of change while Part Two is where we’ll engage a burning ceremony as a symbolic form of release.  You’ll touch upon core emotions as you gain practical tools to let go of entanglement and awaken into new possibilities through Part One.  Each participant will be engaging their own process of transformation and we’ll complete Part One of the workshop by imprinting our declarations for change upon a square piece of paper that you’ll be learning how to fold into a paper crane.  This symbolic origami crane will then hold your intentions for metamorphosis and will be released through Part Two, which will be held on Sunday December 13th, 2020. Information on Part Two will be provided once you complete Part One. Please plan to attend both.

Sign up for Part One through Burning Man Project’s Kindling:

About the Event:

Have you ever struggled to “let go” of something despite your good faith efforts to change?  We’ve all been there.  So, what does it mean to “let go” and how do you engage it as a meaningful shift into a new experience?  It can be perplexing and frustrating, until you come into the awareness of what is actually happening from an energetic point of view.  

Welcome to the Metamorphosis Ceremony.  

Part One is a 2-hour interactive workshop where you’ll learn the internal mechanics of what it means to “let go” from the perspective of entanglement and awaken how to actualize lasting change as a result.  You will come to a deeper level of comprehension through applying the teachings directly into your own life.  By selecting one thing you’re ready to “change” in your life, you can now bring your focused attention upon shifting the energy from within.  Through an exercise to distill the energy into simple declarations, we’ll embed these frequencies into an origami crane.  Yes, you’re going to learn how to fold your own paper crane!  This beautiful crane will come to hold your sacred intentions for metamorphosis. 

Part Two will be held on Sunday December 13th, 2020 and is an interactive workshop that will focus on bringing your inner process of metamorphosis to completion.  On this day, everyone who has participated in Part One will have an opportunity to gather together again in the healing circle of change as we prepare to burn our origami cranes in ceremony.  This will be an evening of reflection, celebration, and connection.  There will be an opportunity for sharing and engaging with each other as we all hold space for metamorphosis.  The details for Part Two will be provided once you’ve completed Part One.  

The most important component for this workshop is the willingness to change, so please come prepared for Part One by identifying one thing in your life that you’re ready to change.  

Please sign up for Part One of the “Metamorphosis Ceremony” through Kindling. It is being offered on Sunday November 29th from 2pm – 4pm PST.